• Legalize property rights to land and real estate
  • Collect documents for real estate registration
  • Conduct a legal examination of the submitted documents
  • Defend your position in disputes with decisions of government agencies
  • Provide oral and written advice on legal issues
  • Find options for purchasing real estate according to the specified parameters
  • Ensure the legal flawlessness of real estate transactions (purchase, sale, exchange)
  • Sell real estate with encumbrances
  • Convert residential into commercial property
  • Convert commercial into residential property
  • Settle a communal apartment and provide separate housing
  • Obtain authorization for alterations of residential and commercial property
  • Legalize real estate after reconstruction
  • Represent in the Arbitration Court and ensure the collection of debts
  • Draw up legally justified documents (contracts, agreements, statements of claim, complaints, letters and others)
  • Participate in negotiations to protect legal rights
  • Protect interests of equity holders in the process of developer’s bankruptcy
Debt collection
  • Collect legal entities’ debts
  • Collect individuals’ debts
  • Organize a negotiation process between the parties in pre-trial practice
  • Conduct an analysis of collections in a complex documentary circulation
  • Support foreclosure cases in court
  • Support enforcement proceedings
  • Collect debts as part of the bankruptcy procedure


In the Ortas Group company:

managers and specialists with higher professional education from the best educational institutions of the country work

many years of successful experience accumulated in the field of legal assistance and advocacy of our clients in selected areas

managers and specialists have more than 10 years of specialized work experience

the existing areas specialization allows to use the employee’s experience, best practices and business connections as efficiently as possible

we use all the necessary arsenal of professional tools and solutions to resolve client issues: collection and approval of documents in government agencies, verification of the legal security of the transaction, legal analysis of the case, assessment of judicial prospects, examination of documents, preparation of statements of claim, participation in court hearings, etc.

we carry out work planning and analysis of ongoing actions, inform and coordinate actions with the client at all stages, assess possible risks and develop ways to stop them, advise and provide the necessary recommendations and instructions

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